• The 6 Best Wedding Photographers in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA

    to capture memories of your special day

    Fast forward to your wedding day. You're walking down the aisle. You're surrounded by the most important people of your life on the most important day of your life. Everything happens so quickly, and you try to soak in every second of it.


    Your photographer will be there through it all, from the getting ready to the first look to the crazy dancing at the reception. We know you want to love your photographer, especially since you'll be spending most of your wedding day with them!


    Whether you've got two guests or two hundred - it's your day. Let's find you the photographer to capture it all.

    Engagement photo in Waikiki Oahu Hawaii by Ed Carlo Garcia


    Portrait of Annie of Annie Hall Photography.

    Annie Hall Photography

    Berkeley, CA

    I’m Annie, a documentary photographer specializing in weddings. I believe photographs hold a lot of power. Not just in how it makes someone feel when they look at it, but also with the memory attached to it. If your memory of a wedding photograph is attached to the moment when you were asked to fake an emotion or perform for the camera, and you remember me the photographer more than you remember what the moment was like, then I have done you a great disservice. Ironically, as a wedding photographer, I believe that weddings don’t exist solely for photographs, and this truly humbling principle inspires me to document your unique stories and histories with the utmost empathy and truth.


    "Annie has a passion for photography that was self-evident from the moment I met her, and it is perhaps this passion that brings her photos to life, as she documented perfectly the spirit and the joy of my wedding. She had an uncanny ability to capture every moment without getting in our way and asking us to repose, and when I received my photos, not only were they beautiful and flattering, but they also allowed me to relive every detail as it happened."

    Portrait of Katherine Bree Walker

    Katherine Bree Walker

    San Jose, CA

    I'm a big fan of movies and I love to bring that aesthetic with all its beautiful framing, its light and shadows and moody hues, into my wedding work. My photographic style is a mix of creative documentary and fine art portraiture with a touch of that cinematic esthetic.

    I shoot a mixture of artistic portraits alongside reportage-style candids that are full of emotion throughout the wedding day. I do my best work when I feel an honest connection with my couples, allowing them to open up in front of the camera and truly be themselves.

    By getting a feel for who they are, their story and what makes them tick, I know how to approach the creative process with them and to put them at ease on one of the most emotional days of their lives.

    Oh, and I love a great sense of humor – a client I can laugh with is a dream client.


    "Oh, what words can I write that truly capture Katherine Bree Walker Photography? Bree is incredible!! From the day that my now husband and I met her at our local coffee shop she was brilliant. Personality match is necessary for this kind of day and as soon as we started joking with each other, I knew we'd found our photographer. Bree is such a genuine soul, creative and really knows her craft! We kept in touch in the months leading up to the wedding and she was so thorough, asking for a list of necessary photos before my mind filled with all the other wedding details. She did site visits to the church and venue and due to bad weather in the days leading up to the wedding day (it rained on our day!) was super prepared with back up portrait places and the necessary gear for less-than perfect lighting conditions. On the actual day of the wedding, she was phenomenal! She arrived promptly, made me laugh and got me excited for the rest of the day by making sure to take pictures of all the little important family details. Her documentary style was the perfect match for what Matt and I wanted on our May wedding. We also had a second photographer, Scott, and the duo really captured everything we could ask for! Despite the rain, thanks to Bree's superb planning, the portraits we took are impeccable. Bree truly has gift, and I'm so thankful for the attention she paid to what most mattered: from guest reactions during the ceremony to the beautifully captured father-daughter dance, Bree and Scott did it all. Bree, we can't thank you enough!"

    Portrait of Beata Becla in a field.

    Lisa Stone

    San Jose, CA

    I specialize in creative documentary wedding photography, which I consider a mixture of creative portraiture and photojournalism. I enjoy creating beautiful portraits and capturing moments that make you remember not just what your wedding looked like, but what it felt like. I photograph a wide variety of weddings, from intimate backyard and destination weddings, to large multiple day events.




    Lisa has a unique ability to find and capture the poignant and often fleeting moments. Coupled with a rare artistic sensibility that is hard not to admire. We could not be happier with the photographs and album she produced

    Inspired By Studio

    San Jose, CA

    We are three friends who came together with one mission in mind: to provide services for wedding clients through compassion, creativity, and teamwork. We pride ourselves on providing a memorable and meaningful experience while capturing the organic moments of life. The instant gratification of making people happy through our photographs is what fuels us to grow and master our craft. We see the industry as a hospitality business, because in the end, making people happy is what makes us most happy.

    Bride and groom walking down stairs in the forest, sun rays shining on them. The bridal party looks up at the newlyweds.


    Masterful, exceptional, and heartfelt. Condensing 10 years of my complex relationship into these three adjectives requires a level of genuine professionalism and passion that only Eric Le and Thien Nguyen equip. 10 years of love with my partner culminated into a two-day ceremony, a simple snapshot that would take dedication, attention to detail, and calmness to capture. My wife & I come from two different cultural backgrounds, each with an interesting way of celebrating marriage. The comfort, humor, and compassion provided by Eric & Thien throughout this unique journey was just as critical, if not extremely pivotal, for them to evoke the true essence of love, laughter, and celebration in order to capture moments that felt raw, colorful, and filled with shades of numerous quality and depth.

    Inspired by Studio achieves a level of emotional understanding, technical mastery, and empathic coolness that surpasses vendors on multiple fronts. From their timeliness, openness to ideas, ability to navigate between multiple scenes, and balancing of professionalism and familial warmth, Eric & Thien made our special moments expand and continue to reverberate when we look at the photographic style that honors true love. I cannot commend them enough nor can I think of any other group of folks that went above and beyond to contribute to our wedding in a way that felt like family and kept us laughing and loving in the wake of condensing so much love, culture, and moments into every inch of photographic genius.

    Portrait of Lily and Chris from wild about you photography

    Wild About You Photography

    Berkeley, CA

    We’re Chris & Lily, two art- and movie-loving goofballs who found each other through a mutual love of punk rock and photography. Chris even moved 2,000 miles so we could go to shows, travel the world, and create photos together! We’re cuckoo about capturing your unique personalities, your one-of-a-kind love story, and the unscripted, unexpected moments that will pop up on your special day. Our style is cinematic, with evocative images that range from offbeat to timeless, vibrant to subdued, candid to choreographed.


    “We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect photography team than Lily and Chris from Wild About You. Not only are they talented artists, they were so much fun to work with! They gave us exactly what we wanted and captured the mood and vibe perfectly. We did NOT want standard boring wedding and engagement photos and, man, did they deliver! Every photo is glorious and unique! They do amazing things with light and I can honestly say I've never seen any other photos like ours. Put Wild About You at THE TOP of your wedding budget--you won’t regret it!” Jenny & Adam

    Portrait of Liza Head of Juniper Spring Photography.

    Liza from Juniper Spring Photography

    San Jose, CA

    Our photography style is natural, emotional photojournalism. What this means is that we love taking beautiful portraits and photographing all of the special details you infused into your wedding, but our focus is the candid, unscripted happenings of your day. We pay close attention to all the moments – big and small – so that we can deliver photos that will transport you back to that day every time you look at them.


    We will capture that family member or friend laughing just like they do, that person tearing up just like they did, and you, so beautiful (or handsome!), just like you are. The photographs you’ll receive won’t just be pretty pictures, but rather memories you get to relive or stories you get to tell. They will awaken the sights, sounds, and most importantly the feelings of your wedding day.

    Wedding couple biking down a field by the water.


    "Liza was a joy to work with and we are so grateful for her professionalism, skill, etc! We chose her because she photographed our friend's wedding and she did an amazing job! And believe me, we shopped around A LOT! From the beginning we were confident that she was going to do a great job, which took one less pound of stress off our plate.


    Liza is the real deal. Her technical skill is top notch. Situations that may have been difficult (dim church w/ restrictions on where the photographer can be, non-ideal dancefloor lighting, etc) were not an issue. Our photos were as bright and natural looking as the day itself, maybe even better :) Technical skill aside, she has an eye for the details and the moments that really make the day, and this is what we love the most about our wedding photos. We look at them and feel like we are re-living our wedding."