• Best Boudoir Photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA

    For your intimate, sensual photos for yourself and for your partner

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    Bay Area Boudoir

    Liza Head of Juniper Spring Photography at Bay Area Boudoir specializes in creative, fine art inspired boudoir and women's portraiture. She offers timeless, classic boudoir and fine art nude photo sessions in her San Jose studio, as well as ultra unique flower bath and milk bath photography. She even has seasonal special sets that are availble for limited times only, so check back to her site (https://bayareaboudoir.com/) and her instagram (https://www.instagram.com/juniperspringportraits/ ) often.

    Engagement photos at the Arizona Cactus Garden in Palo Alto, CA.


    Liza is not only a great photographer, she is a wonderful person. We have met with half a dozen photographers in my search so far, and she was by far the one we enjoyed meeting the most. She is extremely kind and easy to talk to, but also highly competent and professional. The albums she showed us were just lovely, as were her online galleries. I would describe her style as natural and lovely, effortlessly artistic. (I showed them to my coworker, who is getting married in a different state, and the word she used was "enchanting," FYI.) Liza does not rely on poses or gimmicks or filters or Photoshop, but rather on her amazing eye for the moment and her genuine empathy for clients.

    It's crazy that we might not go with her--NOT, I emphasize, for any reason related to skill or pricing, but strictly because we are kind of campy people and may ultimately go with something cheesier--but honestly, I liked her so much that I would invite her to my wedding just as a guest XD If you're looking for a photojournalistic style that will capture you and your genuine emotions in the best possible light, GO WITH LIZA. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.