• The 2 Best Wedding Videographers in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA

    Add motion to your wedding through cinematography/videography/film!

    Wedding photos are great. Adding motion to your wedding through video/cinematography adds another dimension to tell your unique story. Check out our top wedding videographers in the San Francisco Bay Area!

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    Hi! My name is Ed and I am the lead videographer for Weddings and Motion. I got started with videography because after going to so many weddings, there would be the most beautiful speeches: words said about the couple, the wedding, the family and friends, and no one was there to capture it professionally. And people don't realize it until it's all over. While professional photography has it's place, so does professional videography which captures movement, words, sound, moments, and story. I've been in the wedding industry professionally for 9 years and I'd love to discuss your wedding.

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    Hiring Ed was one of the most stress-free and easy parts of planning my wedding. While he was initially a photographer, he also does cinematography at Weddings and Motion Cinematography. It took us a while to decide whether we wanted to hire a videographer, but once we made that decision, everything else was a breeze. We reached out to him after he was recommended to us by our photographer. From the first contact with Ed, he was extremely responsive to any questions I had, and he was able to put together a customized package that perfectly fit our wants, including providing us with the raw footage.

    Leading up to the wedding day, he made sure that we communicated about the day's timeline, and that we clearly discussed anything that we really wanted to make sure was captured. We felt at ease knowing that he cared and was truly invested in producing a video of our dreams.

    The final product is beyond what we could have asked for. Our highlight video captures the emotions of the day so wonderfully. Watching it together, my husband and I were transported back to those precious moments surrounded by family and friends. I'm so glad that we decided to hire a videographer, and I couldn't be happier that we trusted Weddings and Motion Cinematographers with capturing our special day.


    Amy T.

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    Dreambook Productions

    Hi! I'm Josh, founder and creative director of Dreambook Productions.


    In 2013, I walked away from a comfortable career in SF's Financial District to become a full-time artist. What originally began as a hobby became a passion, and I risked everything to scratch a creative itch that had turned into an obsession.

    Around this same time, I met my wife while filming a wedding (surprise!) All in one moment, I discovered the love of my life while doing what I loved the most in life. They say timing is everything; I can't explain it - perhaps it was destiny. Perhaps it was written.
    It definitely wasn't easy (and it still isn't), but I feel super fortunate to have found my passion. Even on the most challenging days, my love for the "camera stuff" keeps me going.

    When my baby girl had to have surgery at 3 days old, everything was put into perspective. Not much else matters other than family, happiness, and putting out positive vibes into the world. All I want to do is work hard and make people happy to the best of my abilities. I tell all of my couples the same thing: I'm not about sales pitches and promises - I'm simply about treating your wedding as if it were my own.

    Engagement photos at the Arizona Cactus Garden in Palo Alto, CA.


    There's a difference between documenting your wedding day and telling the story of your love. Josh and his team will artistically and uniquely tell your story. My husband and I are amazed each time we watch our edit because we always find something new to appreciate- how dynamic they were with the perspectives, how they captured the intimacy without being intrusive, how they wove in the small details with the big picture, and just how seamlessly the video, audio, and music flowed. We loved it so much that we even ended up requesting an edit of our first dance after, which Josh arranged with just as much attention to detail and creativity.